Women’s fiction

A little moody. But aren’t we all?

After They Go

“…Mercer’s prose is lucid and her themes of redemption and reinvention are resonant…” — Kirkus Reviews

A family saga set in a coastal tourist town:

Gwen is the oldest sister in the Aaldenberg family, and the one who seems to have it all. She’s also most desperate to escape the stifling stagnancy of the small town for the rush and excitement of the city. Betta, having nursed their dying grandpa for the past three years, is anxious for Gwen to go, so she can finally have reins to the family business.

When Gwen’s fiancé moves to town, convinced they can have a better life by the coast, it sends Gwen spiraling. Betta, as usual, is left to pick up the pieces, only to find she’s once again holding a life that isn’t her own. Both sisters must decide to what lengths they’ll go in order to step into the future they’d always had their sights on, and must navigate family ties that both nourish and strangle.

Can this family pull through their disappointment, jealousy, and regret? Or will they cling so tightly to their desires that it ruins them?

Dark & Stormy

A new life haunted by the old – or has Faryn stumbled into something worse than what she’s running from?

Faryn Miller wants to build a new life in a small town. She hopes that without the stress and pressure of her big-city job, she will figure out, of all the roles she’s played in her thirty-some years, which one truly fits. Her aim at simplicity sounds like the perfect medicine until she meets Kai Allen, a store owner who’s spent his life doing everything the hard way and never bending for anyone. Lucky for Kai, Faryn has no preconceived notions about what he’s done and who he is—no idea of his troubled, violent history or notoriously short fuse.

When Faryn finds cryptic notes in her apartment, followed by chilling threats, the two of them make a list of who might want to hurt her. With the anxiety of someone on their heels at every turn, Kai is no longer able to keep his frustration and rage hidden. As he explodes on everyone in his path and Faryn begins to learn his secrets, she can’t help but wonder if the storm is closer than she thinks.

18 and up.