The Shady Woods series

A fun, easy read that just might make you laugh out loud!

Shady Woods

At the start of high school, Grace James is forced to move back to her parents’ hometown in the middle of nowhere, Northern Wisconsin. Being that she’s dendrite, and couldn’t keep her powerful thoughts to herself, she set in motion a series of events that ran her family out of the very human city of Chicago.

​The stifling, small town of Shady Woods exists to allow the above-normals to live some semblance of a “normal” life, but at least Grace will learn how to use her dendrite powers in class, which sort of makes her feel like a superhero.

As she grapples with accepting her new home and its sometimes vomit-inducing quirks, buildings start to burn. Did danger follow her to Shady, or are there even deeper secrets to discover in the paranormal Northwoods?

The Little Wooden Box

Just as Grace accepts Shady Woods as home, the tide in town begins to turn. Maybe pacifism is more of a compromise than the werewolves and vampires are okay with any longer. Maybe the dendrites and sirens should make some concessions, so the others can live how they were meant to live. After all, that is the whole point of Shady.

As the debate heats up about whether everyone should lock themselves up once a month so the wolves can hunt in town, Grace becomes more aware of how dangerous it all is. Her anxiety over Riah not coming home in one piece doesn’t go over well with Christian, and the hunting in town doesn’t go over well with her parents.

When the little wooden box Ethan found holds more than they bargained for, and Grace’s parents start talking about moving back normal, she has to decide if she’s strong enough to deal with the realities of her new life. And if so, she must also be willing to fight for it.

Sweet Travels

Just kidding! This cover did not make the final cut.

Still, it’s a reward for being so thorough and continuing to scroll 😉

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