The Shady Woods series

A fun, clean, and quick read, this young adult series is for reluctant readers and lovers of the paranormal.

Shady Woods

At the start of high school, Grace James is forced to move back to her parents’ hometown in the middle of nowhere, Northern Wisconsin. Being that she’s dendrite, and couldn’t keep her powerful thoughts to herself, she set in motion a series of events that ran her family out of the very human city of Chicago.

​The stifling, small town of Shady Woods exists to allow the above-normals to live some semblance of a “normal” life, but at least Grace will learn how to use her dendrite powers in class, which sort of makes her feel like a superhero.

As she grapples with accepting her new home and its sometimes vomit-inducing quirks, buildings start to burn. Did danger follow her to Shady, or are there even deeper secrets to discover in the paranormal Northwoods?

The Little Wooden Box

CONGRATS! You might be the first to see the cover! It’s not out yet, but I wanted to put something here.

Book two follows Grace as the little town of Shady Woods begins to implode…

Sweet Travels


It’s a reward for being so thorough and continuing to scroll 😉 Not sure this one will make the final cut – what do you think?

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