Perfection & Other Illusive Things

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In Perfection and Other Illusive Things, Eden wakes up perfect, goes after everything she’s ever wanted, and gets it. Easy peasy—or maybe not. Maybe perfection isn’t really what she wanted after all.

Drawn to Hawk and intrigued by his colorful best friend Ivy, Eden thinks maybe she could choose something more than the safe, vanilla life she’s always had. Juggling her old life and new friends is more difficult than she imagines though, and one night—one party—changes everything. Now she’s grounded, kicked off the volleyball team, and fighting with her best friends. Fine, she thinks, if her old life doesn’t want her, she’ll burrow herself in the new. Except Ivy outs a secret Eden thought was for her and Hawk alone. Retribution comes fast, and Ivy accuses Eden of being the tattletale. If Eden can’t embrace her true self and clear her name, she’ll burn everyone she cares about and lose herself in the process.