Dark & Stormy

Romance meets suspense in a very small town. A new life haunted by the old – or has Faryn stumbled into something worse than what she’s running from?

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What readers are saying:

“Complex characters give way to a brilliantly written story… Incredible writing from a first time author.”

“Great small town setting with an awesome cast of characters. J Mercer masterfully takes you on a journey full of twists and reveals that are woven so skillfully into the story you’ll want to read it again and again.”

“J Mercer combines her gift for poignantly haunting characters with a plot that is intriguingly complicated.”

Professional Reviews:

“This is an outstanding novel and one I can’t recommend highly enough. A beautifully thought out and executed romantic suspense that has an outcome you just couldn’t predict.” BrizzleLass Books

“This story is romantic, then its thrilling. It has so many twists and turns and layers that I guarantee that when I read it again, I will find something new that I missed before. This story was fantastic to the extreme!” The Unrated Bookshelf