Author Visits

The Making of the Book

For readers: In these Making of the Book presentations, I’ll talk on intent, inspiration (with visuals), process, and how that all morphed during the writing to spit out the end product.

Key Components of Story

For teens and new writers, in which I’ll outline and describe the recipe of a novel.

Plotting Made Easy

For teens and new writers, in which we’ll walk through prompts and plot points to jump start your story idea.

Plot—and the things that feed it

For new and advanced writers: Organization and efficiency may seem out of reach, but with worksheets and plot point prompts, you can build a framework to guide you from set-up to climax in a logical, inevitable manner. Conversely, plugging a finished manuscript into a plot graph will illuminate holes you need to fill in revisions.

Don’t worry, pantsers! This will not suck the life out of the experience for you—it allows for guidelines to make the connections easier, but still makes room for you to improvise on the spot.

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To Self-pub: Should you or shouldn’t you? 

And if you should, what works?

For advanced writers: Sick of waiting around for the publishing industry to gather you into the fold, but not sure if you’re ready to do it on your own? J Mercer will share her experience and research on what works best in the indie marketplace, where to start, and what to expect.