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Plot workshops:

Plot graphing for a fun draft or an easy revision

Organization and efficiency may seem out of reach, but with a few worksheets and plot point prompts, you can build a framework that helps you get from set-up to climax in a logical, inevitable manner. Don’t worry, pantsers! It will not chain you down, nor inhibit your creativity. We’ll spend time hashing out basic plot points, elaborating on those until you can see the order of events more clearly, and talk about how plotting your novel on an actual plot graph can help you with revisions, giving you an overall, easily digestible picture of what’s missing and what needs to be developed further. The goal being that you leave armed with everything you need to go home and get writing (or revising). — $75 for a 3-4 hour workshop.

Full manuscript edit – Developmental plus:

An overview on what’s working in your manuscript and what isn’t, suggestions for possible reorganization to help fix what might not be working, an editor letter, and inline comments. Line edit habits you lean heavily on will also be noted, along with suggestions on how to smooth your personal prose, but will not be corrected line-by-line. For an additional  $30, I’ll also run two passes of your query letter, once before reading, for confusion’s sake, and once after, for suggestions on how to make it more specific and intriguing. — priced at .004 cents per word.

Line edit overview:

Your writing only gets better with practice, and a line editor can fix everything for you, or you can learn to fix it yourself. Send me 50 pages of your work and receive back complete line edits, along with a summary in letter form of what you rely most heavily on and need to be aware of going forward, to help the rest of your manuscript and future works shine. — $85

Worried we’re not the right fit?

For $50, you can send me your first 25 pages for a sample edit (line and developmental thoughts, as best I can do with only 25 pages), which will be deducted off your total if you book a developmental plus or line edit overview.

Why and what:

I love editing, it’s pretty much that simple. Also, every writer finds themselves in a place where they need fresh eyes. I’ve been writing, revising, and attending workshops and conferences for ten years, have much experience critiquing others work, and interned with Entangled Publishing to dip my feet in the editing world.

My interests include young adult and adult novels, from fantasy to contemporary and almost everything in between. I have a hard time falling for zombies, so unless you’re looking to win over doubters, I might not be the editor for you. Historical fiction can be a hard sell for me also, and no erotica or non-fiction please.

Client testimonials:

“I’ve gone through all of the editorial feedback you’ve provided for both books and I am super pleased. Having gone through the comments and made many of the changes suggested, you’ve made my writing much stronger. I love your reports, by the way, that’s a really nice way to identify the bigger, more recurring issues and I particularly liked the comments on style, which were particularly useful and insightful. Delighted you got recommended to me.” – Stuart White

“I’ve always been a proud pantser when writing my first drafts. I didn’t believe in outlining or plotting because I thought it’d hamper my creativity. When I participated in the plot graphing workshop, I was hoping to glean a few tips, but I ended up loving the process of laying out plot, characters, and conflicts. I used the plot graph to map out my newest Work in Progress, and not only has it helped me write faster with more sense of clarity, it’s also allowed me to maintain my creativity. Now I’m a proud plotter!”  – Kat Abbott



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