Mentorship program:

New and confused? Or experienced and lacking a writer family? Maybe you simply want someone to be able to read for you on your time, instead of on theirs… With this program, I will read through three revisions of your manuscript and be available for weekly check-ins to help motivate or brainstorm with you. I suggest you give me your best work, what you think is ready for an agent or at least a third draft. I’ll provide you with developmental thoughts and an editor’s letter, along with inline comments. After you’ve had time to revise, I’ll go through your story again to catch any places the smoothing wasn’t complete, along with doing a pass for line edits. You polish a third time, and I’ll proofread and do some copy editing – though I’m a very clean writer and reader, know that I’m not a certified copy editor, so this is just to get you started and as polished as I can help you be. — priced at .025 cents a word.

Full manuscript edit:

This is what I like to call “developmental plus.” I’ll provide an overview on what’s working in your manuscript and what isn’t, suggestions for possible reorganization to help fix what might not be working, an editor letter, and inline comments. Line edit habits you lean heavily on will also be noted, along with suggestions on how to smooth your personal prose, but will not be corrected throughout. For an additional  $30, I’ll also run two passes of your query letter, once before reading, for confusion’s sake, and once after, for suggestions on how to make it more specific and intriguing. — priced at .008 cents a word.

Line edit overview:

Your writing only gets better with practice, and a line editor can fix everything for you, or you can learn to fix it yourself. Send me 50 pages of your work and receive back complete line edits, along with a summary in letter form of what you rely most heavily on and need to be aware of going forward, to help the rest of your manuscript and future works shine. — $75

Worried we’re not the right fit?

For $50, you can send me your first 25 pages for a sample edit (line and developmental thoughts, as best I can do with only 25 pages), which will be deducted off your total if you book a developmental plus or line edit overview.


I’m comfortable with middle grade, young adult, and adult novels, from fantasy to contemporary and almost everything in between. I have a hard time falling for zombies, so unless you’re looking to win over doubters, I may not be the editor for you. Historical fiction can be a hard sell for me also, and no erotica or non-fiction please.

Still not sure about me?

Click here for client testimonials, book me for a sample (see “Worried we’re not the right fit?”), or check out my recent release and see how you feel about my work regarding plot, characters, pacing, and flow.