After They Go

“. . .Mercer’s prose is lucid and her themes of redemption and reinvention are resonant. . .” — Kirkus Reviews

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A large family saga set in a small tourist town — One sister chained by family tradition, the second stunted by her sister’s shadow, the youngest propelled by desperation.

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“Mercer’s prose is solid, evoking a strong sense of character and place that adds intensity and texture to the narrative. . . Gwen’s and Betta’s storylines will appeal to fans of women’s fiction, while Ez’s narrative will satisfy those looking for a coming-of-age story. Overall, readers who enjoy family sagas will find After They Go an engaging read.” —

“…each character has a very distinctive voice. Pulling them all together, the author has created an unconventional, emotional story of family…” — The British Bookworm

“There’s plenty of engaging drama. There are lovers, sibling rivalries, petty jealousies and devastating self-doubts.” — An IndieReader approved novel


“A compelling family saga of love, family, and tradition.”

“Mercer has a beautiful way with words that draws you in and makes you feel the love, heartbreak, and struggles the characters endure throughout their journeys.”

“This story has twists and turns that I did not see coming and kept me interested from beginning to end.”